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Betani Footwear Wholesale women shoes sells by the case. Each case is pre-packed which means it will contains the same style and color shoes. Cases vary per style, some cases will come with 12 pairs. While certain styles may come in 18 pairs.

The size run will determine the number of shoe sizes a case will contain. Use the chart below to help determine which size runs is best for you:


Betani Footwear


For example: In the size run 18A, the case will contain 18 pairs of shoes. By reading the chart across, from left to right we come up with the following size allocation.

size 5.5 (1 pair) | size 6 (2 pairs) | size 6.5 (2 pairs) | size 7 (3 pairs) | size 7.5 (3 pairs) | size 8 (3 pairs) | size 9 (1 pairs) | size 10 (1 pairs) which totals to 18 pairs of shoes to make the case.

If you are a local business, feel free to drop by our showroom. Betani Footwear carries a wide range of styles and colors. Our friendly staff will be more than glad to accomodate you.

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